Organic Maple Syrup - 50 mL Locally crafted by: Wheelers Maple, McDonalds Corners, ON (CA)

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Wheelers Organic Maple Syrup in a 50 ml Glass Bottle

Made by the Wheelers family to yours!  Every bottle of maple syrup is made by the Wheeler Family with great attention to detail to ensure premium flavour.


Maple syrup can be used to sweeten tea or coffee or can be drizzled over Saturday morning pancakes with the family. Alternatively, a little maple syrup can be used to naturally spice up cereal, oatmeal or yogurt. The smooth, sweet taste will leave you wanting more. 

Maple syrup is a great alternative to processed sugars and other sweeteners.

These are the perfect size for giveaways, favours, or Christmas gifts. 

About Wheelers Maple

Wheelers pancake house, sugar house, and museum can be found one hour from Ottawa in the Lanark Highlands. It has been a family business from the very beginning.

Vernon Wheeler started working in the sugar bush at age 6 near Snow Road on his family’s farm. In 1978 Vernon and his wife Judy tapped their first trees at the present site on the Highland Line. They collected sap from 2,300 taps their first year. Since the beginning, their son Mark and daughters Angela, Kristen, and Tracy have been an active part of the growth of the Maple operation. As the children grew, so did the number of taps that they collected from to make maple syrup.

Along with his love for making maple syrup, Vernon always had a goal of building an operation that the whole family could be involved in. At any time there is sure to be several family members working in the pancake house or somewhere on the property. The whole family loves working together and honour the opportunity of welcoming visitors to share in the great Canadian tradition of Maple Sugarin’.                      

Over the years production has also expanded and Wheelers Sugar Bush is now one of the largest producers in Ontario with over 20,000 trees tapped.


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