Creamed Honey - 150 g Jar Locally crafted by: The John Russell Honey Company, Winnipeg, MB (CA)

About This Product

The very best Pure Manitoba honey from our own home yards.

This 150g jar of honey is the perfect size for giveaways, thank-you gifts, and Christmas presents.  Share the taste of Manitoba's own pure honey with clients, coworkers, family or friends. 

Available in the following flavours.

Sunflower Honey

Sunflowers are a staple seed crop in Manitoba. Just before they bloom, we carefully place our bees in select fields where only Non-GMO sunflowers are planted. We harvest the honey when the seeds begin to set, keeping the nectar source as pure as possible. This small crop harvesting method produces a golden delicious honey with a high pollen content. A great all purpose honey that works well in baking and at table.

Wildflower Honey

Manitoba has a plethora of wetlands in the Interlake district. These areas provide a wide variety of wetland flora, a variety that changes combinations yearly depending on rainfall and lake levels. The result is a unique and slightly changing flavor amber class honey with more body and a complimenting taste to wherever it is used.

Clover Honey

Primarily from clover blossoms, our house honey has slight accents of alfalfa, and wetland flowers giving it a unique taste and a superior bouquet.

About The John Russell Honey Company

The John Russell Honey Company started in 1999 in Petersfield Manitoba. With a culinary background, and a desire to provide something different, John started blending only the finest ingredients into his creamed honey to flavour it. No extracts, no artificial flavours, no food dyes, just pure fruit and spices. This dedication to quality and care soon built up a loyal following of clientele, and although the business has grown in size, the core values remain the same:

  • Only the best Manitoba Honey is produced and used.
  • Only pure ingredients used
  • Hand packaging to ensure great quality.

John Russell Company remains a family business comprised of John's sons and daughters in law with firm intentions to retain their artisanal size and methods. They will always choose to provide the best, rather than supplying the most.

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