The Canadian Birch Company

Grand Marais, MB (CA)

The gold standard of birch syrup, found in Manitoba.

The Canadian Birch Company
The gold standard of birch syrup, found in Manitoba.

About The Canadian Birch Company

The Canadian Birch Company is a proudly Canadian company bringing you distinct flavours from the land they live on. As a company and as individuals, they are dedicated to the art of making gourmet birch syrup.

Their birch estate, located above the shores of Lake Winnipeg’s south basin in Manitoba, Canada, is home to some of the world’s most pristine birch forests. Just as the Scottish Highlands produce the world’s greatest whiskies and France’s Champagne region is the only source for true Champagne, these trees produce the finest birch sap and syrup in the world. Ideal soil conditions – the result of glacial retreat in the last Ice Age – allow our trees to flourish and produce clear, pure sap.

These birch trees are the reason for the distinct, rich flavours that set The Canadian Birch Company apart from their competition. The depth of flavour and the fruitiness and finish of their syrups is second to none. From their forest to your kitchen, they are committed to bringing you the gold standard of birch syrup.

Rory and Glenda Hart’s quest to create a premium birch syrup started in 2006 and since then they haven’t stopped working to improve their methods. They have learned from trial and error and have invested in state-of-the-art technology to complement their evolving production processes.

With a focus on minimizing their impact on the environment, they adjusted their processes to ensure they are ecologically sustainable. This includes investing in energy efficient fuel sources such as wood pellets and reusing water from our production processes to minimise waste. The Canadian Birch Company does not use any fertilisers or pesticides, and has adopted minimally invasive tapping and collection processes that help to maintain a vibrant and diverse understory in the forest.

Canadian Birch Company hires locally, and uses local services, whenever possible. They believe in creating a long lasting, environmentally and socially sustainable industry in their home community.


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