Prince Edward Island Preserve Company

New Glasgow, PE (CA)

A taste of Prince Edward Island. Handmade artisan specialty foods.

Prince Edward Island Preserve Company
A taste of Prince Edward Island. Handmade artisan specialty foods.

About Prince Edward Island Preserve Company

In 1987, Shirley and Bruce purchased a 1913 Creamery, a pretty well worn down building on the bank of the River Clyde, in the lovely village of New Glasgow in Prince Edward Island. Their goal was to renovate and create a food destination that welcomed and treated guests to food with integrity and flavour. It all started with our low sugar preserves, specialty foods, blending full leaf tea, and has since grown spice blends as well.

They have developed the location with hard work, positive word of mouth from their customers and customer caring staff.

Their retail shop and online store sells only items that Bruce and Shirley enjoy. They must be functional, beautiful and offer value. They have met most producers of the products found at their shop, including Dunoon Pottery in Staffordshire, England. PEI Preserve Co looks for friendly people who produce excellent products at reasonable prices.

Their seasonal restaurant is one of the busiest on the Island; there you can find tasty local comfort food at affordable prices. 

As part of their life’s larger purpose, Shirley and Bruce started The Gardens of Hope, a 12-acre garden sanctuary next door with a mission of opening a Respite Cottage for those dealing with life-threatening illnesses. They are welcomed at no cost to them or their families. More info here.

Preserve Co now ships their products to the world through their mail order department. They personalize all gift orders with handwritten salutation cards, at no charge. Preserve Co has thousands of regular customers mainly in the US and Canada. 

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