Mustard - Hand-Crafted, Award Winning - 190 mL Jar Locally crafted by: Mrs. McGarrigle's , Merrickville, ON (CA)

About This Product

About This Product

Whether you’re looking to spoil someone else or yourself, you really can’t go wrong with Mrs. McGarrigle’s international award-winning mustards. This larger 190ml will last on your recipients table.  Perfect for corporate giveaways, customer appreciation gifts, stocking stuffers or wedding favours.  

You've never had mustard like this before!

All natural product with no additives or preservatives.

Mustard Flavour Options

Canadian Maple

This delicious mustard was an award winner in the Napa Valley’s Worldwide Mustard Competition in 2002! It’s grainy with a distinctive maple finish and smooth heat that slowly builds but doesn’t linger. Try it as part of a maple glaze for ham or use it in our Many Mustard Grilled Chicken Marinade recipe!

Mustard seeds, Salt, Cider vinegar, Maple syrup.


British Beer

Dark British beer and course grains give this mustard a distinctly sharp flavour and a deliciously thick consistency!  Dubbed the “Ultimate Pretzel” mustard by some and inspired by flavours from across the pond, British Beer is the perfect companion for sausages and cheese! 

Mustard seeds, Celery seed, British ale, Cider vinegar, Spices.


Balsamic & Cracked Pepper 

Our Balsamic & Cracked Pepper Mustard is absolutely delicious and coarse-grained with the distinctive balsamic flavour you love! Featuring great texture and a heat that lingers, this mustard enlivens salad dressings is great for grilling! 


Mustard seed, Honey, Balsamic Vinegar, Black peppercorns, Spices.


About Mrs. McGarrigle's

Mrs. McGarrigle’s came to life in 1988, born of the spirit and determination of its founder, Janet Campbell. Janet’s passion for fine food and fine mustard led her to the creation her now well known mustard products. 

Though humble in its beginnings – manufacturing condiments in the basement of one of Ottawa’s hostels after-hours – Mrs. McGarrigle’s has morphed into a stylish gourmet food, fine kitchenware and home décor retailer – a unique epicurean destination in the National Capital area and an undeniable lure for those who enjoy fine cooking, fine dining and fine living.

As the business itself, the store – located in historic and picturesque Merrickville, Ontario – has expanded again and again. Now occupying 3,000 square feet in what was originally an 1888 general store, it not only accommodates the retail business, but also serves as premises for the mustard and condiment manufacturing operation as well as a respected cooking school. 

Testing and tasting is a featured characteristic at Mrs. McGarrigle’s; customers are often greeted by tempting aromas wafting through the store – sometimes the result of delicious demonstrations and sometimes originating from the kitchen where production often runs seven days a week to keep up with constant demand of the nearly 300 retail outlets across the country now stocking Mrs. McGarrigle’s mustard, preserves and condiments.

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