The 'G' - Happy Goat Coffee - 340 gram bag Locally crafted by: Happy Goat Coffee Company, Ottawa, ON (CA)

About This Product

This unique blend is spicy with a velvety texture and nutty aroma. Notes of cinnamon and brown sugar. Full City+ Style Roast

What's in this blend: Our Brazilian Espresso as the base gives this blend a satisfying nuttiness to which we added Guatemalan Antigua to contribute body and a rich aroma & just a pinch of the Sumatran Tiga Raja which gives the blend excitement with its delicious red fruit like characteristics and great full balanced body.
The G shines as an espresso, in a stove top, in a french press and is surprisingly delicious in an automatic drip machine.

About Happy Goat Coffee Company

Happy Goat Coffee promotes the niche coffee market by encouraging neighbourhood based small batch coffee roasting. Small scale produced coffee, roasted in your neighbourhood supports the small farmer and preserves diversity. Just as importantly, freshly roasted coffee bean creates superior coffee. Protecting and preserving small scale farming through niche markets also helps the environment and maintains the world’s store of genetic diversity.

Happy Goat Coffee starts with the small farmers from Africa, Asia, Central and South America. These small scale farmers produce niche coffees that are extraordinary in quality and have distinct characteristics that connect to their local ecology. Small farmers focus on producing exceptional coffees which cater to niche artisan roasters like Happy Goat Coffee.

They are bringing back the old artisan touch, by taking a hands-on approach with every step to discover and preserve the true nature of coffee. They take freshness and small-batch roasting to the extreme. This way you are guaranteed the highest standards in freshness and quality unsurpassed anywhere else. 

Happy Goat Coffee has 3 locations in Ottawa and their coffee can also be found in many local shops and restaurants.

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