Bad Duck Caramel Bar Locally crafted by: Bad Duck Caramel, Wynndel, BC (CA)

About This Product

Traditional Caramel- butter, sugar, milk - simply delicious

Salted Caramel - Traditional caramel with sea salt added and then while it's cooling sprinkled
with Fleur de Sel. A smooth, salty crunch that makes the caramel taste bigger.

Salted Coffee Caramel - Our Traditional recipe - with coffee and a sprinkle of fleur de sel
(salt) on top!!! Very rich tasting.

Pep Chew - When we were younger there was a chocolate bar called Pep Chew. It was peppermint caramel topped with dark chocolate. We've looked everywhere and can't find them anymore- so now we make them for you.


About Bad Duck Caramel

At Bad Duck Caramel we encourage you to seize the day;  To know that life is short and is meant to be delicious and fun. 

We are a family of Greg, Carmen, Leland and Anna, (Rusty) and Tilly.  We are passionate about working and playing together.  Our small candy kitchen is in the basement of our home so it's a great commute to work!

Carmen grew up next door to her grandparents; Gertie and Chum.  They were farmers, hard workers, big laughers and loved food.  Gertie loved to cook and Chum loved to eat.  They taught Carmen to make the caramels their way and every one of our caramel slates, bars, or bits is infused with a bit of her family heritage and love of great food. 

We also believe that the best food is made with great ingredients you can pronounce, by people you know, in small batches. We love this caramel and are so excited to share it with you and your family and friends.

Warning:  Keep out of reach of ducks.


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Nut Allergies? Ingredients?  Safety?

We know that gourmet candy is dangerous business for someone with a nut allergy because Carmen has a severe tree nut allergy.  We never use tree nuts or peanuts in our candy kitchen so you can be confident that anyone with tree nut or peanut allergies will be safe eating Bad Duck Caramel. We do use butter, sugar, cane syrup and milk.  That's it.  (no gluten) We are perfectionists when it come to keeping our kitchen clean.  It is regularly inspected by the local health authority.


ducks go crazy for caramel

Meet Leroy (the bad duck)

Where did that name come from? 

Twelve years ago Carmen came home with a cute little black puppy.  He was rescued from under a wheelchair ramp on a reserve and seemed quiet and nice.  That was because he was sick! He actually is a bad dog.  He is mischievous, naughty, always in trouble, but the thing that is so inspiring about him, while he is making us crazy, is that he lives life to the fullest.  He seizes the day and has fun and makes trouble.  He pretend bites at your leg as he runs past, dives on the grass, barks and then runs away again.  He rolls in the snow and makes a snow dog.  He hides in the bushes and jumps out to scare you as you walk past.  Rusty teaches us every day that life is short.We didn't want to give the impression that our caramels were for dogs so we took the spirit of Rusty and gave it to a duck because we live near Duck Creek, Duck Lake and we love ducks.  Do you love him?  His name is Leroy and we'll keep you posted with stories, cartoons and fun to remind you that life is short and can be delicious.  Every business needs a pun...Just Quack It!

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